Traditional Australian Houses

Why New Traditional?

A new traditional house can have all the quality and character of a historic building without involving large repair and restoration costs. And it can include modern amenities not generally available in old houses.

Why build traditionally?

It will be beautiful
Employing traditional architectural forms and details including classic proportions, spreading roofs, fine joinery, wide verandahs and tall ceilings.

It will be durable
By using tried and tested forms and materials a new traditional house can last as long as some of the historic houses we see around us.

It will be sustainable
When our forebears built their houses, no modern services such as air conditioning were available. So they built shady verandas, thick walls and steep roofs, which all make good sense from an environmental point of view.

It can incorporate the spaces you want
…including the sizes and arrangement of rooms that you want, including more storage, whilst retaining the traditional character of an old house.

It can contain the equipment you want
…such as solar water/power, modern insulation, built-in appliances and security systems, without spoiling the traditional character of the exterior or interior.